What is MyPatrol?

MyPatrol is the app for devices with Android and iOS platform. It allows its users to report a police patrol they saw with just one click and always be notified about patrols that were reported by other users. Every user can confirm or negate a patrol that had been reported as well.

With the help of a complex algorhythm, every user's reliability and the probability of an existing patrol are calculated and only the most accurate information get shown to all users.

In a lower right corner there is a button that is used to report a police patrol. In a lower left corner there is a button "Location" in the shape of a sniper icon. By clicking this button your detected location gets placed in the center of a map and its movement gets followed. In a left corcer above the location button there are two more options: "Safe route" and "Potential patrols".

The "Safe route" option allows you to avoid all reported patrols. After a click you need to enter your destination or mark it on the map, after which MyPatrol will find a route that avoids reported patrols from your current location to your destination.

By clicking "Potential patrols" button you will see patrols that had frequently been seen at same locations in the previous period.

For every reported patrol you can click and receive information about the probability that there is a patrol indeed located there, as well as who reported it first and last. You can confirm every patrol if you have seen it as well or negate it if the patrol is no longer in a reported location. Your every vote is recorded and if you provide truthful information your reliability gets increased or decreased if you provide misleading information. You can also leave a comment for any chosen patrol.

The more reliability you have the more your vote is worth.

All users get a 30 day trial period. During this trial period you can see all reported patrols and use options "Potential patrols" and "Live Chat".
After trial period expires, the most active and reliable users receive a privileged status, i.e. free usage of the app.
All other users receive a limited display of patrols, but they can unlock all options with a payment or by collecting bonus points throughout the app.

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