Frequent questions

Do you need to pay to use MyPatrol?

All users get a 30 day trial period. During this trial period you can see all reported patrols and use options "Potential patrols" and "Live Chat".
After trial period expires, the most active and reliable users receive a privileged status, i.e. free usage of the app.
All other users receive a limited display of patrols, but they can unlock all options with a payment or by collecting bonus points throughout the app.

What do I need to become a MyPatrol user?

You need to own a phone with Android or iOS platform, to install MyPatrol and register as a full user. Every MyPatrol user is required to provide truthful information about patrols he or she reports and in return he or she receives correct information about other police patrols that are on the field and were reported by other users.

Is using My Patrol legal?

Of course, by doing this we are not breaking any law and similar apps exist all around the world. Information about police patrol locations should be made public and available for all users.

Any other advice?

If you are using MyPatrol, our advice is to get a phone holder and a phone charger for your car. MyPatrol acts like a GPS navigation and the phone background light is always on, so our advice is to use a charger while your phone holder will make its usage much easier. Taking into consideration that MyPatrol uses Internet to download Google Maps and connects with the server, you do need to expect a certain Internet usage, which is negligible, especially if within your mobile package you have any amount of Internet usage included.

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